One of the most important aspects in the sales process is confidentiality.

Sellers demand a Non-Disclosure Agreement from potential buyers before exposing the business name and location or financial information.

The seller desires not to alert employees and/or customers about any potential sale until the appropriate time.

Protecting your business’ proprietary information is our utmost task and we take every precaution necessary to ensure confidentiality.

Some of the things we will do for you include:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your business.
  • Develop an Exit Strategy.
  • Market your business with absolute discretion.
  • Qualify and vet buyers to be sure they possess the desire and the financial, emotional and operational capability to consummate the deal.
  • Arrange third party lenders so results for both parties are maximized at the closing table.
  • Organize legal, accounting, tax and/or due diligence help, if necessary.
  • Provide invaluable consulting services.
  • Get the financial process started by furnishing the initial documents needed to satisfy lenders.
  • We excel at negotiating the issues that arise during the due diligence and lending stages of the transaction.
  • Successfully close the deal by involving all of the key players.
  • Should you already have a buyer, we can help with Deal Consulting and ultimately closing.
  • If your business is struggling, we can help with Turnaround Consulting so you may begin thinking about an exit strategy.
  • Maximizing the value of your company to prepare for a future sale.
  • Guidance with Estate Planning & Due Diligence.

It is our job to orchestrate this process and help you achieve your goal.

When the time is right for you to start, we’ll be there to help. Please contact us with any questions and or need of assistance.

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