Health Food Store

Price: $1,600,000

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Industry: Grocery Stores

Listing ID: rva102

Listing Status: Sold


Growing Health Food Grocery Store located in Richmond, VA, serving the community for over 36 years. Offering organic and local produce, meat and poultry, bakery items, cheese, eggs, yogurts, milk, and non-dairy products. Beer and wine are offered along with prepared foods and a deli. There are also bulk foods and health supplement sections.
Financial details available upon receipt of an executed NDA.
See letter from owner below:


Down Payment: N/A

Total Sales: N/A

Cash Flow: N/A



Accounts Receivable: N/A


FFE Included: Yes

Inventory: N/A

Inventory Included: No


Year Established: 1985

Non-Owner Payroll: N/A

Employees: 32


Real Estate: N/A

Monthly Rent: N/A

Square Footage: 9400


Facilities Information:

Please see attached video of the facility:

Historical Summary:

Dear GFG Prospective Buyer(s),

Since its inception in 1985, as of today, Good Foods Grocery has never been in such a good position for me to “pass the torch”. We are now 9,400 sq ft with 36 employees. Our sales are strong and continue to grow. After we approve your non-disclosure agreement, you will have full access to our financials, as well as a very recent professional evaluation of GFG by a very reputable company.

First, let me describe the store to you.

When you come in the door you are greeted by an abundance of organic and/or local produce. We do not carry conventional produce unless it is local.

Next you will wander into our bulk department with 450 bins and 400 jars of herbs and spices.

Then you will meander through our two fresh tables. One for bread and one for sweets. Though we have national natural breads and sweets, the sales are mostly from our GFG homemade or local bakeries.

Along the side wall are 25 doors of frozen foods that wrap around our very healthy supplements and body care sections.
The back wall consists of local meat and poultry, both frozen and fresh, along with cheese and all the doors of refrigerated eggs, yogurts, milk, and non-dairy milks. When we expanded in 2020, I replaced all the refrigeration in the store with Hill Phoenix refrigerators and freezers.

You will come back to the registers in this room as you seamlessly walk into the older section of the store, where the shelves are higher. This is where most of the groceries are.

The heartbeat of this room is the deli kitchen, which is VERY visible, buzzing with talented cooks, making the beautiful and delicious food you can order for lunch, or choose from the grab and go. There are about nine tables situated in a very comfortable space called the café.

This room also contains our small but vibrant selection of local beers and organic wines.

As I said earlier, we are in a good position to sell. All departments are performing well. You will find my team to be very pleasant, efficient, and dedicated. They love our customers, and they love working with each other. I have never had a better team than who I have today.

I have two people that keep the wheels turning at GFG. One is my store manager, Tracey Cochran. The other is my bookkeeper and point-of-sale programmer, Jen York. If you buy the store, I will ask and reward these two to stay on for a minimum of a full year. And as for me, let’s put it this way – I am not considering “handing over the keys” to anyone. I believe an effective “passing of the torch” will take from six to twelve months. I am totally flexible to your needs.

Our mission statement is on our web site. I need to change it because we are as much about local and community today as we are about your wellness. I helped to found Real Local RVA and served on the board for many years. That put me in touch in a very real way with the local food movement in Richmond. Real Local RVA is very vibrant today, with over a hundred members, a third of which are farmers.

In 2020 Trader Joe’s opened in our shopping center in part of where a supermarket used to be. From the day they opened we never lost a beat in sales and consider our businesses to be very complimentary. Stony Point Village is now a shopping destination for foodies. This relationship solidifies our ability to succeed as well as to grow. I have several projects on back burners to move our growth up even more, but I will hold back until we meet.

The bottom line is that Good Foods Grocery is a great purchase. Sales are strong. The staff is superb. With a history of serving Richmond since 1985 we have earned our ‘Boy Scout’ wings. With the growth in supporting local we shine. Though your purchase of my store will be based on financials, you are getting so much more. We have a strong email list of over 10,000 subscribers that get an email every month. Our Facebook and Instagram posting are active and engaging, especially since our Instagram account was hacked several months ago, and we had to start over. Good Foods Grocery is excited to be in business. We really do love our customers. I look forward to passing the torch to you so that you can serve them. Afterall, it is the customer’s name that is really on your paycheck.

Donnie Caffery, Owner